Form 5500 Filing Assistance

The filing of a Form 5500 is required for almost every retirement plan. This can range from a Form 5500 with all the schedules for a plan deemed a “large” plan, a Form 5500SF for those small to mid-size plans, or even a Form 5500EZ for solo(k) plans. TRA is here to ensure the correct filing is prepared and presented to you for the required electronic filing (Form 5500 or Form 5500SF) or for signing and mailing (Form 5500EZ). TRA will gather all the data from the necessary sources in order to prepare this Form on your plan’s behalf.

Form 5500 or Form 5500SF filers

Whereas TRA will do all the heavy lifting in preparing your form, as plan sponsors you do have some fiduciary obligations when it comes to these filings. This 5500 assistance page provides easy access links to brief webinars that can help you meet those fiduciary obligations with ease. These obligations range from obtaining an EFAST Signer ID to electronically filing the Form 5500 (or 5500SF).

Get additional technical information behind why a plan needs to file a Form 5500. Please feel free to contact your dedicated TRA Client Relationship Manager if you have any questions regarding your plan’s need to file a Form 5500.

Need help electronically filing the Form 5500? View the tutorial below.
Please note that Form 5500 is annually prepared by our team of experts and provided to you via email once available. It is important that you wait for this email before attempting to electronically sign the return.

Below is the complete webinar TRA delivered on how to electronically sign the form 5500.

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