TRA Community Involvement

TRA believes it is important to give back to the community in which it thrives. As a responsible corporate citizen, TRA actively promotes community involvement and other social contribution activities. When engaging in community activities, TRA selects themes of activities that suit the culture, social climate or issues of respective regions and are aligned with the TRA’s values, resources (financial and human resources, products, facilities, etc.), and expertise (technology, know-how, etc.). Based on this, TRA aims to take the best action available, such as collaboration with communities and related organizations.

TRA also works to encourage and support employees to individually take part in community involvement and other social contribution activities on their own initiative. Not only do we encourage associates to participate in community events but they choose the causes and we hold unique events to support those. We’ve held cook-outs, trail mix sales, food drives, clothing drives, chili cook-offs, silent auctions, cash donation drives, golf outings and more. Offering different types of events for charitable giving increases interest in the cause and promotes employee morale. Some of the organizations that we have supported include: