SECURE ACT WEBINAR SERIES – From MEPs to PEPs & More: What Advisors Need to Know – Summary

Lisa Showalter - Business Development Director
Lisa Showalter – Business Development Director

On Wednesday March 25, 2020, Trey Galuppi, TRA’s MEP Specialist and John Markley, TRA’s Industry Relations Director, addressed the SECURE Act’s impact on existing retirement plan platforms, defined new opportunities the legislation creates – and demonstrated how TRA can help you craft the plans that best meet your clients’ needs.

They focused on some of the most significant changes in the SECURE Act relating to Multiple Employer Plans (MEPs) and the new Pooled Employer Plans (PEPs). If you want to help your plan sponsor clients optimize the SECURE Act’s provisions, this is a webinar you won’t want to miss.

The presentation highlights include:

    • The SECURE Act introduction of another plan design choice called the Pooed Employer Plan or PEP.
    • Review of the options that strive to simplify the Plan Sponsor’s fiduciary responsibilities and to control plan expenses.
    • MEPs to PEPs and More is basic overview of the features, suitability and application of the traditional Multiple Employer Plan, the SECURE Act’s Pooled Employer Plan and Aggregation Plans.
    • Insight for advisors on how to help their clients evaluate MEPs, PEPs and Aggregation Plans.
    • Ways TRA is helping the advisor community stay up to date on the ever changing landscape.

Our focus is on helping advisors determine which plan platform is right for which clients.

Below is the recorded webinar from March 25, 2020


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