Year End Census Data Collection

Every year around this time, TRA collects census data from their clients. The plan sponsor prepares the census for TRA which includes data such as; employee name, date of birth, social security number, date of hire, date of termination, date of rehire, annual compensation, deferrals, etc. This information is required for TRA to prepare the necessary year end compliance work for your retirement plan.

We’ve put together a short, simple webinar to assist you with completing the electronic year end census data request.

Join us as we discuss:
• Using PlanSponsorLink
• Compiling pertinent data
• Electronically submitting year end census data

Below is the webinar recorded.

Below are tutorials to using PlanSponsorLink (PSL)

PlanSponsorLink is the secure client portal TRA uses to securely share and transmit plan and participant data as well as collect the required information at the end of each Plan Year End (PYE).

How to Login/Register:

Your guide to successfully submitting Year End Data:

If you have additional questions contact your CRM directly at  888.872.2364


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