Business Valuations and M&A Services

Business Valuations and M&A Services

Will the value of your business determine your financial readiness to retire? You work hard in establishing and maintaining a 401(k) Plan where payroll deducted contributions and employer contributions will accumulate into retirement saving.  However, history shows that a business owner is also relying on another source of retirement income: the value of the business itself at sale.

Many small employers plan to sell the business and are relying on the proceeds of that sale as the main source of their retirement income.  So a lot is riding on the value of the business at sale, specifically your standard of living in retirement.  Murphy Business & Financial Services LLC is a business valuation and brokerage firm working with business owners to understand how to build value in the business and, when ready, coordinate the sale.

It’s never too early to start planning for the future transition of ownership of a business.  401K Plan Administrator can introduce you to resources to help you plan.

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