TRA Offers Complimentary Business Assessment to TPA Owners through Year-End 2019

Acquisition Experts Answer: “Is It Time to Sell?”

APPLETON, WI (August 28, 2019) – Many owners of small to medium-sized third-party administration (TPA) firms have left the business in recent years, and the trend shows no sign of abating. That is why The Retirement Advantage, Inc. (TRA) is offering a complimentary business assessment to TPA owners through year-end 2019.

“This business assessment is an important first step for any TPA owner thinking about selling,” explained TRA President Matt Schoneman. As part of their business assessment process, TRA invests a significant amount of time up front getting to know the potential seller and their objectives.

According to Schoneman, among the top reasons TPA owners are selling is they find they lack the resources to scale their businesses—or meet cybersecurity challenges. TPA owners also may be challenged by succession planning, or simply want to retire.

“In our experience, we’ve found many business owners who are overwhelmed by the growing changes and regulations in our industry, who are looking for a company with more resources to support their client needs,” Schoneman said. He also acknowledged that it is not uncommon to find TPA business owners who are “burnt out” from the current business environment. “Having TRA’s acquisition experts perform a thorough and objective assessment of a business can help a TPA owner start to see beyond their current situation and determine if indeed the timing is right to sell,” Schoneman added.

Over the past 18 years, TRA has proudly built a reputation of being a trustworthy partner to TPA sellers, as it has successfully acquired and integrated 22 firms nationwide into its own operations. And when the opportunity is right—both culturally and strategically, for all parties involved—TRA has all the systems and processes in place to quickly and seamlessly transition ownership, the business, and make prompt cash payments to the sellers.

“Whether an acquisition proves to be a good fit or not, exploring an acquisition is a great exercise to contemplate the future of a business. It never hurts to talk,” concluded Schoneman.

For more information about TRA’s complimentary business assessment for TPAs, contact TRA President Matt Schoneman directly at 920.831.3263 or ma************@tr*****.com.


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