The Retirement Advantage (TRA) News

Accomplishing retirement goals takes detailed plans and expert strategies. TRA is continually building up our talent and expertise to assist our clients in designing and administering qualified retirement plans of all types so our Plan Sponsors can meet their unique goals.

Our recent integration of Markley Actuarial Services, Inc., a Lancaster PA based firm providing third party administration and actuarial services for over 30 years, allows us to deliver high quality actuarial services to our clients sponsoring Cash Balance plans, traditional Defined Benefit plans, or requiring other actuarial projects. TRA’s in-house actuarial services are able to guide clients of all sizes in strategically designing retirement programs that deliver the results desired.

Cash Balance Plans

TRA has dramatically increased our internal Cash Balance capabilities through the integration of Markley Actuarial Services, Inc. From plan design and implementation, including plan documents, to annual administration, compliance and government reporting, TRA can deliver all services required.

Traditional Defined Benefit Plans

Not all actuarial firms can deliver services beyond Cash Balance plans that include traditional Defined Benefit plans services. Sponsors of traditional Defined Benefit plans have unique goals, including whether or not to continue the Plan, freeze it or terminate it completely. TRA can provide ongoing guidance which will allow sponsors to achieve their goals.

Other Actuarial Services

TRA is able to deliver post-retirement medical and other benefit valuations for employers in compliance with GASB and FASB (Governmental and Financial Accounting Standards Boards).

Our actuaries routinely work with Plan Sponsors on achieving results, such as developing a funding plan to move their frozen traditional Defined Benefit plan to termination, reaching increased levels of annual tax deductible contributions, or presenting ways of de-risking Plans through lump sum windows or annuity purchases.

TRA is now able to deliver complete, in depth annual reporting and compliance services to Plan Sponsors of both Cash Balance/Defined Benefit and 401(k) Plans. We welcome the opportunity to work with you in this new capacity. To learn more about our Cash Balance services, click here.


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