Merrill Lynch and The Retirement Advantage

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Making your job EASY!
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Currently, Merrill Lynch and The Retirement Advantage (TRA) currently provides best in class service to hundreds of mutual clients nationwide.

Working with Third-party administrators (TPAs) can give financial advisors access to opportunities and expertise. TPA’s bring a lot to the table – impressive expertise, relationships and valuable resources. Consultants possess skill in advanced plan design and unbiased opinions toward retirement products and services. TRA can develop and deliver solutions to you that can help you attract new clients and resolve issues with current plans.

A few advantages you’ll gain with working with TRA…

  • INCREASE CLOSE RATIOS – TRA can help you in sales meetings. We have the plan design expertise and industry experience to help you build credibility.
  • INCREASE MARKET OPPORTUNITY – ½ of new business opportunities in the start-up market to $5M use a TPA. TPA’s account for almost $1 trillion in the 401(k) and 403(b) space.
  • EXPERTISE!!! – Plan Sponsors like to see a team of people handling their retirement plan. Working with TRA lets them know they have experienced and specialized professionals on their side.
  • EXPAND SERVICE OFFERINGS – 3(16) Services.
  • REDUCE ADMINISTRATIVE BURDENS – As a national TPA administering close to 5,000 qualified plans, TRA provides plan admin., compliance testing, government filings…Also, we provide plan design illustrations and consulting. Start-up vs. Conversion plans.
  • LOCAL PRESENCE AND SUPPORT – Plan sponsors value face to face interactions. TRA provides one-on-one service for even the smallest plan. TRA can be your local TPA!
  • RECEIVE REFERRALS – Plan Sponsors ask for advisor referrals all the time.
  • IMPROVE RETENTION RATE – TRA keeps a tight rein on our clients. Every plan has a dedicated Client Relationship Manager (CRM) and every plan goes through a quality control process.
  • EDUCATION AND TRAINING – TRA can help you with sales support, illustrations, plan design, training and education. I am here to guide you through your first sale or tenth!

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