Attract Millennials with Values- Based Investment Options

It isn’t surprising that average contributions are generally lower for younger 401(k) plan participants. Not only is retirement much farther down the road for them than it is for their Generation X and baby boomer colleagues, many of them struggle with more debt and less income. On average, they contribute about 5.3% of pay to their retirement plans, compared to 6.6% for Gen Xers and 8.6% for baby boomers.

Helping your millennial population save for retirement can start with financial wellness education. Topics like budgeting and debt management are important. But more companies are recognizing that including Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) options in the plan could provide the encouragement this group needs to take to increase their retirement savings.

Of millennial plan participants in a recent survey, 84% would like their investments to reflect their personal values. Seventy percent said they are concerned about the environmental, social and ethical records of the companies in which they invest. In fact, 84% also said they would likely increase their contributions to the retirement plan if they felt confident that their investments were doing good in the world.

Your plan’s advisor may have suggestions about SRI options you could add to your plan menu. If you decide to do so, be sure to include these options in your communications. Learn more about SRI from Natixis Global Asset Management.


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