Why Plan Sponsors & Financial Professionals Choose TRA Actuarial Services

  • Our Guiding Principles: Expertise, Integrity & Partnership


    No matter what challenges your organization faces or the goals you want to reach, TRA’s Actuarial Team has the expertise to guide you to a fully customized solution based on your objectives and circumstances.

    Our credentialed actuaries, defined benefit plan experts, and experienced ERISA specialists work together to deliver actuarial services to organizations in all industries and sectors. We help our clients – from corporations to family-owned businesses, from start-ups to not-for-profits – manage the risks associated with sponsoring Defined Benefit Plans and other post-employment benefits while optimizing plan performance.


    Trust is the foundation of all our client relationships. When you work with TRA Actuarial Services, you can be confident that we have no proprietary conflicts of interest. You can also be confident that your dedicated Client Relationship Manager will bring together TRA’s top resources to map out strategies and solutions that are in your best interest and follow the highest ethical standards while complying with current laws and regulations.

    We also understand that Defined Benefit Plans potentially involve tough decisions, such as when – and how – to terminate a plan. Our experts know all the factors to take into consideration to guide our clients successfully through the process, enabling them to choose a course of action that best meets the needs of their organizations and employees.


    At TRA, our business is knowing your business. Plan sponsors along with their accounting and other financial partners come to us because they know that they need customized solutions that meet their vision, business needs and resources, not a pre-packaged, one-size-fits-all approach.

    With our consultative approach, we are able to meet a wide variety of client needs and objectives. Whether you are seeking the latest opportunities – or facing the toughest challenges – in defined benefit plans, TRA can provide you with a solution tailored to your organization and its needs and goals.

    • Actuarial Services
      • Plan Design, Analysis & Consulting
        • Defined Benefit Plans
        • Post-Employment Benefit Plans
      • Frozen Defined Benefit Plan Resolution
      • Plan Terminations
      • Prototype & Custom Plan Documents
      • Adoption Agreements & Plan Amendments
      • Calculation of Benefits
      • Annual Actuarial Report & Annual Funding Notice
      • Employee Benefit Statements
      • ASC FASB 960-20 Accounting Disclosures
      • AFTAP Certification
      • ASC FASB 715 Reporting
      • Non-Discrimination Testing & Compliance Services
      • PBGC Forms
      • Signature-Ready Government Forms, including IRS Form 5500 Schedule SB
      • Special Actuarial Services and Consulting
    • Cash Balance Plans

      Each year, more business owners and partners are turning to Cash Balance Plans to achieve larger tax deductions and accelerated retirement savings. And more financial professionals are discovering how Cash Balance Plans can grow their businesses faster than they thought possible.

      TRA creates the Cash Balance Plans that meet the goals of business owners/partners and their trusted financial professionals. With our experience, we can also help plan sponsors avoid the pitfalls that may occur with Cash Balance Plans.

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Meet TRA's Actuarial Services Team

    • Frances Rivera, MBA - Plan Administration Manager, Defined Benefit Services

      Frances Rivera

      • BS, Business Administration & Management, Universidad de Puerto Rico
      • MBA, Accounting, University of Phoenix
      • MS, Federal Taxation, Golden Gate University
      • 16 years of experience
      • Plan Administration Manager, Defined Benefit Services
    • Robin Louthen, QPA - Plan Administration Team Leader, Defined Benefit Services

      • BBA, Accounting, Roanoke College
      • Qualified Pension Administrator
      • 37 years of experience in Defined Benefit Plans
      • Actuarial Analyst, TRA
    • Allan Bittner, FSA, MAAA, EA

      • BS, Math/English, Marquette University
      • MS, Actuarial Science, University of Wisconsin
      • Fellow of the Society of Actuaries
      • Member of the American Academy of Actuaries
      • Enrolled Actuary
      • 26 years of experience as employee benefits/retirement actuary
      • Actuary, TRA
    • Jeff Thornton, FSA, MAAA, EA

      • BS, Mathematics with Actuarial Emphasis, Bellarmine University
      • Fellow of the Society of Actuaries
      • Member of the American Academy of Actuaries
      • Enrolled Actuary
      • 18 years of experience in Cash Balance Plans, Financial Accounting, Non-Discrimination & Coverage Testing, Plan Design, and Government Reporting
      • Actuary, TRA
    • Wen Hong, EA

      • BS, Mathematics, Rutgers University
      • BS, Statistics, Rutgers University
      • BA, Chinese Language & Literature, Rutgers University
      • Enrolled Actuary
      • More than 8 years of experience
      • Actuary, TRA
    • David Danziger, JD, LLM
      • BS, Finance, University of Connecticut
      • LLM, Taxation – ERISA, Temple University – James E. Beasley School of Law
      • LLM, Taxation, ERISA Qualified Retirement Plans, Temple University Graduate School of Law
      • More than 40 years of experience in Retirement Plan Design, Repair & Contribution Optimization
      • ERISA Specialist, TRA
    • Barbara Craighead, QKA

      • BA, Cornell College
      • Qualified Pension Administrator
      • 18 years of experience in Defined Benefit Plans
      • Actuarial Analyst, TRA
    • Milan Patel

      • BBA, University of North Carolina, Belk College of Business
      • 12 years of experience in traditional and Cash Balance Defined Benefit Plans
      • Actuarial Analyst, TRA
    • Jeremy Cohen

      • MS in Actuarial Science, Columbia University
      • 8 years of experience in all aspects of Defined Benefit plan administration, with a focus on plan design and innovative solutions
      • Society of Actuaries: Passed Exams P, FM, MLC and EA2F
      • Actuarial Analyst, TRA
    • Katie Legorreta

      • BS, Actuarial Science, North Central College
      • 5 years of experience
      • Society of Actuaries: Passed Exams P and FM
      • Actuarial Analyst, TRA

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