2023 Savings Dash

  • Finish Strong

    Like other successful Financial Advisors, the year’s home stretch is probably the most important in terms of achieving your annual sales goals. Take your plans full throttle – the winner’s circle is right around the corner!

    We wanted to call your attention to our Savings Dash when placing retirement plans with TRA.

    Now through December 31, 2023, we’re waiving our Set Up and Conversion fees for ALL plan sales. On average, this results in a reduction of 40% of our standard year one administrative fees.

    Click here to discover which Regional Plan Consultant (RPC) and corresponding Internal Plan Consultant (IPC) are available to serve you.

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TRA Plans to Consider

For businesses who want to sponsor a retirement plan, some plans to consider include:

Safe Harbor 401(k)
Cross Tested Profit-Sharing Allocation
401(k) plus Cash Balance Plan

Other alternatives include SIMPLE 401(k) Plans, Group 401(k) Plans (MEPs, PEPs and Aggregation Programs), and 403(b) Plans (for non-profits).


Complimentary E-Books For Advisor Success

    • 3(16) Fiduciary Services & Plan Administrator

      The fiduciary is the entity or person responsible for overseeing the plan’s administration and selecting investment options. Every retirement plan must have at least one named fiduciary. For most, the business owner or sponsor serves that role and is always considered a fiduciary, regardless of other named fiduciaries in the plan document or anyone hired to assist him or her with his or her duties.

      Benefits of Hiring TRA as a Delegated 3(16) Plan Administrator
      You may choose our organization to serve as a delegated 3(16) plan administrator providing 3(16) fiduciary services — also known as Plan Administration Relief Services (PARS). We relieve the business owner or sponsor of many of the day-to-day administrative burdens associated with sponsoring a plan.

      Benefits include:

      • Time savings
      • Reduced liability
      • Increased human resources capacity
      • Reduced audit risk

      Download a comprehensive advisor guide for TRA’s 3(16) Fiduciary Services.



    • Cash Balance Plans

      Many business owners and partners of firms are looking for larger tax deductions and accelerated retirement savings. Cash balance plans can help provide above-the-line deductions that directly reduce ordinary income dollar for dollar.

      What is a Cash Balance Plan?

      A cash balance plan is an IRS-qualified retirement plan known as a “hybrid” plan. Each employee, or participant, receives a contribution to an account and it grows in two ways: by an employer contribution and by an interest credit, which is guaranteed rather than dependent on the plan’s investment performance.

      Learn more about Cash Balance Plans.

      Download our Cash Balance Plans Ideal Candidates piece now.

      View the maximum contribution limits for Cash Balance Plans.

      Download An Advisor’s Guide to Cash Balance Plans E-book.



    • Group 401(k) Plans - MEP's, PEP's, & MEAP's

      Group 401(k) Plans share a common bond: they enable businesses to join together to provide retirement plans to their employees with fewer administrative burdens and lessened fiduciary risks — and at lower costs — than offering their own single-employer plans.

      Interest is growing in Group 401(k) Plans. From a regulatory standpoint, the ongoing emphasis is on increasing opportunities for more people to save for retirement. And, at the same time, employers want to provide the benefits that will help them attract and retain talented team members, without losing focus on their bottom line.

      As an experienced Third-Party Administrator (TPA) for Group 401(k) Plans, TRA can assist you whether you are considering adding these plans to your business or if you wish to further enhance your ability to offer Group 401(k) Plans to your clients.

      Download The Advisor’s Guide to Group 401(k) Plans: MEPs, PEPs & Aggregation Programs


Premier Advisors Group

Providing financial advisors with a competitive advantage, our Premier Advisor Group members enjoy specialized services, discounts, and exclusive access to products and services.

Here are four ways TRA helps you FINISH STRONG during selling season and WIN bigger deals by providing great service and value:

  1. Leverage Your Time – Let TRA’s Regional Plan Consultants do the heavy lifting so you can get in front of more new business opportunities.
  2. Increase Efficiency – Tap into TRA’s proven, streamlined implementation processes to support your selling efforts.
  3. Enhance Consultative Capabilities – Help employers create plans that best meet their needs and close more business with TRA’s customized plan designs.
  4. Provide More Value for Less Cost Upfront – We’ve made our already competitive pricing even more attractive with our special offer for all new and conversion plans.

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Consider TRA's 3(16) Fiduciary Services & Plan Administration

To alleviate the day-to-day administrative burdens of yours or your clients retirement plans.